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Search in parish register

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(1700-1800) - The whole period is transcribed.
(1700..1800) - The whole period is not transcribed.


Fill in one or more of the fields above. Click on one of the parish registers to start the retrieval. Choose one or more municipalities to limit your search to one or more municipalities. Click on the results for information on record in the parish register.

    Some important points
  • You can search on first name, surname, domicile and registration year(s). A search on first name will not only search on first name to the principal character in the parish registers but on all persons that is registered with a first name. Persons that have first name and surname registered together like Groomsmen will not be included in the search.

  • You can also search only municipalities. If you choose Hammerfest and funeral you will get all registered funerals for Hammerfest.

  • You can limit the search by declaring a lower or/and upper year. Man kan begrense søket med å angi tidsperiode. Man kan oppgi øvre og nedre tidsgrense eller kun en av delene.

  • You can apply the same rules as with search on the censuses.

Questions about this service can be adressed to RHD.

What is transcribed

See this overview for complete list of parish register transcribed by NHDC.